To ensure the safety of our campers, staff, parents, and visitors,
we have implemented the following procedures and policies: 


Campers with a temperature above 100 degrees may not attend camp and must remain fever free at least 24 hours. 


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Campers must wear a mask to camp. When campers are working in their individual workspaces, they may remove their mask, however masks will need to be worn during collaborations and demonstrations that require campers and staff to work closer together.

Upon arrival, parents may call to inform staff of their arrival and safely wait outside the Studio for their camper to be signed in or out. Any parents entering the Studio for necessary reasons must wear a mask. 



All parents, camperss, and visitors must sanitize their hands before entering Studio workspaces. 

To promote social distancing, we've limited camps to a max of 8 campers per session. This also allows campers in weekly sessions to have their own equipment, tools, and materials (3D printers, pens, filament, print tools, computers, etc.) to work with, however this is a makerspace, and there will be times when shared equipment is required. We frequently sanitization of all workspaces, materials, and tools before, during, and after each camp session.


Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are readily available and stationed through the Studio spaces. We also have a solid supply of handsoap at the sinks :)


To promote sanitary practices, campers are encouraged to wipe down all tools, shared materials, and equipment after each use, however, kids will be kids, so Studio staff will ensure complete sanitization throughout the day.

If we all work together, we can MAKE this a fun, safe, and healthy summer!