For standard field trips, choose one of the following activities:


CIRCUITRY: Paper Circuits (maker takeaway)/ Squishy Circuits (maker takeaway)/ Breadboard Basics

Participants will explore circuitry basics to light up led lights, sound buzzers, alarms, and fans

ROBOTICS: Basic Bot Games

Participants will learn about the basic components of robots, build a basic bot, then test them on the robot crash course and climb. Options for students to be divided into groups or work individually.


CODING: Sphero Maze

Participants can work individually or in teams to use block-based or Java coding to operate a Sphero Bolt robot through an obstacle course.


Participants will select from available templates or may bring in their own drawing (no larger than 6x6) to create with a 3D pen. (maker takeaway)

  • Architecture (Eiffel tower, buildings, bridges, etc.)

  • Science (molecules, atoms, etc.)

  • Art exploration (animals, flowers, etc.)

  • Transportation (motorcycle, car engine, bicycle, etc.)

  • Just for Fun (Fidget spinners, bubble wands, badges, etc.)


3D PRINTING: Spinning Keyring (maker takeaway)

Participants will learn to add custom elements to a 3D model and have the final design printed out. If participant 3D prints are not completed during your field trip time, we will deliver them to your school the next business day.

Looking to extend specific content instruction through hands-on activities?

We can ignite your students’ interest in STEAM by helping you develop custom project-based maker activities during your field trip that supports academic and skill standards. For example, create a 3D printing and assistive technology design challenge for students, where they work in teams to design a product that improves the day-to-day life of someone who struggles with mobility in their hands. Contact us to discuss custom field trip options.


Field trip costs for custom options range from $15-$25 per student (to be determined based on the number and length of activities, materials, consumables, etc.)

COVID-19 information: The health and safety of our staff and visitors is of the utmost importance to us. All materials, supplies, workstations, and equipment are sanitized before and after your group's visit. Each participant will receive their own sanitized set of materials, supplies, and equipment to work with. Masks are required but may be removed when we are able to maintain social distance during activities.


Tired of the same field trip options year after year? Want to maximize your field trip budget with high impact learning?

Let's MAKE your students' day with an out-of-the-ordinary and fun learning experience! Students will tour our studio, learn about the maker movement and the technologies changing our world, participate in a fun game of wits, then get hands-on with their own maker activity (3D Pen Art, Circuitry, Robotics, Coding, 3D Printing).

Standard Field Trip Cost: $15 per student participant

                                             $0 per non-participating teacher/chaperone

                                             $15 teacher/chaperone participant


There is no fee for non-participating teachers/chaperones. If a teacher/chaperone wishes to participate (make their own maker creation) during the field trip, the fee is $15/per participant. 

Field trips require a minimum of 15 participants and a max of 40 participants

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Wanna Know More? FAQs Are Here!

How many students can you accommodate?

Our makerspace can accommodate up to 40 students, with a max group capacity of 50.

How many teachers and chaperones do I need?

Please be sure to have the following ratio for your group. This ratio is important to ensure your group has a fun, safe, and successful making experience as some student makers may need extra assistance and supervision with equipment and materials.

Ages 6-9 ratio of 1:5

Ages 10-13 ratio of 1:8

Ages 14-17 ratio of 1:10

If you have a Special Education group we would expect and welcome any paras or one-to-ones to attend to help the students as required.

What time do field trips take place?

Standard field trips are scheduled in 2 hour increments on Wednesdays between 9:30am - 1pm. If you would prefer a different day of the week or timeframe, please contact us as early as possible.

What ages/grade levels can come on a field trip?

Field trips are best suited for ages 6-17. We will set up your field trip activities based on the interests and developmental skills of your group. For ages 4-5, please contact us.

Do you offer virtual field trips?

Get in touch with us at or 904.644.7636 so we can see how we can make that work for your group. Some options include a basic virtual tour of our space or sending a maker kit to your group for a virtual activity.

I have a mixed age group of kids. I don’t know which activity would be best for them.

No worries! On the Field Trip Request form, just check "Let's Chat About That". We will contact you to discuss activity options based on the various interests and developmental skills of your group.

Do you accommodate children with special needs?

We do our very best to accommodate our special needs community. Please contact us to see how we can make the best experience for your group.

I want to bring multiple classes/groups. How do I book that?

Contact us at or (904) 644-7636 to see how we can set up a rotating schedule that meets the needs for your group.

What's a maker takeaway?

Maker takeaways are things your students have created during the field trip. For example, if your group chooses 3D Pen Art as one of your activities, whatever your students make with the 3D Pen, they will be able to take home.

What will the kids get to take home with them at the end of the trip?

Depending on the chosen activity, each participant will leave with a 5ES drawstring bag or their own maker creation, and a smile on their face!

Where can we eat lunch?

Our Studio does not have facilities to accommodate lunch for large field trips. If your group count is under 25, students may eat their lunch in our Create Zone. Need to purchase lunch? Why not grab a meal or a cool drink at one of our neighbors? From pizza, subs, and gyros, to smoothies, muffins, and cakes, there's something nearby to satisfy the pickiest palates. Please contact any of these businesses in advance to make arrangements for your group. If your group count is under 25, students may eat their lunch in our Create Zone.

  • New York Pizza (904) 579-3488
  • Yanni's Greek Kitchen (904) 707-7242
  • Brewbakers Café (904) 602-5355
  • Planet Smoothie (904) 215-0350

Do you offer field trips on the weekends?

We only offer parties and special events for large groups on the weekends. Please see our Parties page for more details.

When should we arrive and where do buses park?

If you group is traveling by car or van, you are welcome to park in our standard parking lot located in front of our Studio. Buses should park in the Village Square rear lot located behind our Studio. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to get your group checked in and wristbands assigned to all participants.

How do I make my field trip reservation?

Fill out the Field Trip Request form and we will contact you to finalize your reservation details. We will send you a private registration link to verify the finalized details and to complete waivers. Upon completion of the registration, your date and time are held until 14 days prior to your event, at which time the deposit is due. If the deposit is not received, your trip will be cancelled.

How much is the deposit for a field trip?

The non-refundable deposit cost is equivalent to 50% of the total cost of the field trip. For example, if your group is bringing 30 students on a field trip, the total cost for the field trip would be $450, $15 per student. The deposit total in this scenario would be $225. The deposit can be paid with credit card, check, money order or cash.

When is the deposit payment due?

A non-refundable 50% deposit is due no later than 2 weeks prior to your event to secure and finalize your reservation. Your remaining balance is due upon arrival on the day of your scheduled field trip.

When is final payment due?

Final payment is expected in full upon arrival. The total amount due is based upon your final attendance number 3 days prior to your visit. If your total participants increases or decreases, please notify us at least 3 days in advance. If your total participant count decreases more than 3, please be sure to notify us at least 3 days prior otherwise you will be charged based on the last confirmed participant count.

What if I need to make changes to my reservation?

You may make any necessary changes to your reservation by contacting us at (904) 644-7636 or Please note any activity change requests must be made at least 7 days prior to your scheduled trip.

What happens if I need to cancel my trip?

As long as you give us at least 7 days notice, we will work with you to find another day/time to transfer your reservation, otherwise you will forfeit your deposit. We schedule staff, equipment, and material usage based on the number of participants scheduled to attend.